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An analysis of audit partner perceptions regarding the state of auditor independence in SA audit firms2016Download
An analysis of the reasons contributing to academic exclusion2016Download
An exploration of audit practitioner opinions on mandorty audit firm rotation in SA_A specific focus on market concentration and transformation issues2016Download
An investigation of the factors to consider for free higher education system in SA2016Download
Are there benefits to diversification across the largest African stock markets2016Download
Dividend Yield as a Model for Value investing on the JSE2016Download
Effect of Internal Organisational Environments on Preventative, Detecitve and Directive Internal Controls of SMMEs in Cape Town2016Download
Has the changing research and development taxation legislation affected research and development output in SA2016Download
Long-term incentives_Do shareholders get what they pay for2016Download
Mobile Learning as a paradigmatic mechanism to facilitate practical subjects in an undergradaute Financial Information Syhstema Course2016Download
Public-Private Partnerships in SA_A tale of two prisons2016Download
The effect of changes in auditor reporting standards on audit quality2016Download
The effect of electronic commerce on the erosion of tax bases2016Download
The fight against poverty_Review of the applicability of the Grameen Bank Model in SA2016Download
The hand with reaches beyond the grave_Reasons for and agianst the abolishment of estate duty in SA2016Download
The proposed conceptual framework an dits possible effect on the reporting of contingent liabilities2016Download
The relationship between Board size and company performance2016Download