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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Second International Conference of the Journal of International Accounting Research (JIAR)July 3-6, IHET in Tunis, Tunisia

Submission Deadline:

February 15, 2013 (early submission is encouraged)


Expanding the Horizons of International Accounting Research The goal of this conference is to deepen understanding and raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities of international accounting through the sharing of original and rigorous research work that will provide practitioners and regulators with deeper insights into international accounting issues. While the journal continues to welcome innovative and high quality research that examines how accounting data affects capital market participants, one of the goals of the 2nd Journal of International Accounting Research (JIAR) conference is to expand the horizons of international accounting research. Papers that address interesting and innovative research questions in all areas are welcomed.Papers addressing issues such as the following are particularly welcomed for plenary sessions:

1. The contractual uses of accounting data in international settings2. The regulatory uses of accounting data in international settings3. How and why the contractual and regulatory uses of accounting data vary across countries4. The use of accounting data in international trade disputes5. The use of accounting data in international litigation6. The effects of IFRS adoption on uses of accounting data - including, but not limited to, capital markets7. How and why the effects of IFRS adoption on uses of accounting data varies across countries8. The challenges of management and control in a global world9. The relevance of methods and paradigms from cross-cultural psychology and international business to international accounting Papers can be submitted for consideration in one of two tracks: Plenary Session submissions or Concurrent Session submissions. For the Plenary Sessions, please submit papers that are on international accounting issues (suitable for JIAR). We accept papers in all areas of accounting for the Concurrent Sessions.

Plenary Session Submission:

Accepted Plenary Session papers will be published in the Journal of International Accounting Research (conditional on satisfactory responses to reviewers' and discussant's comments). Additionally, the conference will waive the registration fee and pay for airfare (up to $1,400 US) and three nights' stay in the conference hotel for one presenter. Please follow the regular submission procedure for JIAR outlined HERE. Please indicate in your email or cover letter if you wish to have your submission considered for a concurrent session in the event it is not accepted as a plenary session paper.

Concurrent Session Submission:

Papers submitted to the Concurrent Session will be considered for presentation at the conference but not for publication in the Journal of International Accounting Research. Please submit your paper as either a PDF file or a Word file to

Program Organizer:

American Accounting Association, International Accounting Section Local Organizer and Financial Sponsors: IHET, Tunis, Tunisia; Brock University, Ontario, Canada; PwC Tunisia.

For questions and suggestions, please email to,, or contact any of the planning committee members: C.S. Agnes Cheng and Samir Trabelsi (co-chair), Ervin Black, Greg Burton, Tony Kang, Michael Welker, Eddie Riedl and Thorsten Sellhorn.

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