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A comparative analysis of the respective tax dispute resolution platforms available in SA and Australia2017Download
A comparison of first and third generation sectional title legislation2017Download
A mindset to succeed_Overcoming academic failure2017Download
Accounting students motivation in light of the self-detemination theory_A case study of a township campus2017Download
An alternative journey towards flipping the classroom through self-regulated learning skills2017Download
An Analysis of Audit Firm Tenure Disclosure in JSE Listed Companies2017Download
An analysis of non_IFRS earnings measures presented by SA JSE listed companies2017Download
An analysis of the IRBA consultation paper on mandatory audit firm rotation2017Download
An initial study of disclosures related to BBBE in the integrated reports of SA mining companies2017Download
Analysis of employee and management fraud in Tanzania2017Download
Best corporate governance practices of selected congregations in the Free State2017Download
Brazilian private person funds_A call for improved governance2017Download
Do independent checks positively influence the financial sustainability of SA SMMEs2017Download
Does board diversity impact firm performance2017Download
Does the index matter_A comparison of the capital structures of firms listed on the AltX to those listed on the JSE2017Download
Experiential learning as a method to address the exployer expectation gap on pervasive competencies in an undergraduate taxation curriculum2017Download
Exploring various business rescue practices in SA2017Download
Financial inclusion in SA_A review of the literature2017Download
HIV-AIDS related disclosures in SA mining companies integrated reports2017Download
IFRS16 Leases - A significant change for lessees or much ado about nothing2017Download
Impairment losses as a tool for ultimately conservative financial statements_Brazilian evidence2017Download
Inpression management and the use of graphs in intergrated reports of the SA mining sector2017Download
Integrating reporting practices and King III vs King IV2017Download
Is sugar tax likely to succeed in its objective of curbing ovesity in SA2017Download
Predicting at-risk first year accounting students2017Download
Regulation vs professional judgement_The role of professional judgment in the mandotory audit firm rotation debate2017Download
Scenario planning as bargaining tool_A strategy-as-practice perspective2017Download
Students preferences in solving accounting problems_framework-based approach vs prescriptive approach2017Download
The challenges faced by developing countries regarding transfer pricing2017Download
The relatingship between executive directors gender and remuneration2017Download
The signalling effect of dividends on future financial performance_A case of SA listed companies in the post-apartheid era2017Download
The teaching-research gestalt in accounting_A cluster analytic approach2017Download
The value relevance of goodwill under IFRS3_A SA context2017Download
Using a balance between Neoliberalism and Stewardship to develop disclosures for strike actions2017Download
An analysis of audit partner perceptions regarding the state of auditor independence in SA audit firms2016Download
An analysis of the reasons contributing to academic exclusion2016Download
An exploration of audit practitioner opinions on mandorty audit firm rotation in SA_A specific focus on market concentration and transformation issues2016Download
An investigation of the factors to consider for free higher education system in SA2016Download
Are there benefits to diversification across the largest African stock markets2016Download
Dividend Yield as a Model for Value investing on the JSE2016Download
Effect of Internal Organisational Environments on Preventative, Detecitve and Directive Internal Controls of SMMEs in Cape Town2016Download
Has the changing research and development taxation legislation affected research and development output in SA2016Download
Long-term incentives_Do shareholders get what they pay for2016Download
Mobile Learning as a paradigmatic mechanism to facilitate practical subjects in an undergradaute Financial Information Syhstema Course2016Download
Public-Private Partnerships in SA_A tale of two prisons2016Download
The effect of changes in auditor reporting standards on audit quality2016Download
The effect of electronic commerce on the erosion of tax bases2016Download
The fight against poverty_Review of the applicability of the Grameen Bank Model in SA2016Download
The hand with reaches beyond the grave_Reasons for and agianst the abolishment of estate duty in SA2016Download
The proposed conceptual framework an dits possible effect on the reporting of contingent liabilities2016Download
The relationship between Board size and company performance2016Download
A comparative study on the tax compliance burden for SMMEs in SA2015Download
A performance measurement framework to enhance the business performance and survival of MSMEs in the retail sector in Zimbabwe2015Download
A refined constructive operating lease capitalisation model considering new proposed lease accounting rules2015Download
A reflection on visual represenation of the accounting equation as part of the teaching and learning mix for an introductory financial accounting class2015Download
Accounting education in Nigeria Universities and the changing demands of the accounting profession2015Download
Accounting students adaption to university at a large African university2015Download
Achievement of institutional success rate targets_Diploma in Accountnacy learning programme at NMMU2015Download
Addressing accounting education challenges through experiential teaching methodologies2015Download
An analysis of corporate image as a factor that supports corporate green investment practices in JSE listed companies2015Download
An analysis of the income tax implications for the seller and purchaser in relation to the assumption of contingent liabilities in part settlement of a going concern2015Download
An analysis of the price sales ratio as a share selection tool for shares listed on the JSE2015Download
Board of directors gender and sustainability disclosure inclination2015Download
'Born free' to unemployment_A critical review of the Employment Tax Incentive2015Download
Carbon Emissions and firm fanancial performance in JSE SRI index consistent performers2015Download
Describing the GAP_public sector vs private sector accounting and reporting2015Download
Design and evaluation of a capstone course for accounting students_aligning an academic course with the competency required by the professional body2015Download
effectiveness of management accoutning skills_perception of decision-makers of SMMTEs in Cape Town, SA2015Download
Formalising the definitions of the elements of the statement of financial position2015Download
Has risk based capital regulation negatively affected aggregate credit supply by SA banks2015Download
How effective was diversification during the 2008 global financial crises2015Download
Impact of SR on sustainable ethical business practices_ a review of SR of selected SA companies2015Download
Individual human needs satisfied by long-term liabilities2015Download
Latent accounting standards within emerging economies_the case of oil and gas upstream actitivies in Libya2015Download
Measuring accessibility of accountancy programmes a public higher education institutions in SA2015Download
Missing persons from the population of unit trust investors2015Download
Municipal fiscal reporting and determinants of financial regularity audit outcomes2015Download
Social and governance disclosures by Lonmin Plc pre and post Marikana_A research note2015Download
Stakeholders perceptions on the association between ERM structures and internal auditing contribution towards risk mitigation2015Download
Student endogenous factors that impact on performance in advanced management accounting2015Download
The determinants of corporate cash holding levels_evidence from selected SA retail firms2015Download
The influence of pyublic sector audit committees on external audit outcomes_A case study evidence from an EC municipality2015Download
The information content of cross-listed firms financial informaiton during the convergence period2015Download
The primary audience for an integrated report_who are SA companies reporting to, and what difference does it make to the length and quality of the report2015Download
Total Beta_A review of theory and practice2015Download
Towards creating a flipped classroom_A pilot study of students perceptions of podcassts as learning tool2015Download
Towards developing sustainable national health insurance in SA2015Download
2014 Western Cape Regional Conference - Peer Reviewed Conference Proceedings 2014Download
A Review Of The Compliance With Disclosure Requirements As Outlined In2013Download
An Analysis Of Director Interlocks On The Jse - With Reference To The Top 40 Listed Companies2013Download
An Exploratory Investigation Into The Outsourcing Of The Internal Audit2013Download
An Investigation Into The Context Specificity Of The Epistemological Beliefs Of South African Postgraduate Students Pursuing A Professional Accounting Qualification2013Download
An Investigation Into The Effects Of Liquidity Draw Downs By Asset Backed Commercial Paper Conduits On South African Banks2013Download
Assessment Of The Validity Of Use Of The Approaches To Study Skills Inventory For Students2013Download
Best Practices - Effectively Manage Auditing Open-Book Assessment Resource2013Download
Challenges With The Financial Reporting Of Biological Assets In A2013Download
Communication Apprehension Of Accounting Students - A2013Download
Credit - Rating Agencies- A South African Perspective2013Download
Determinants Of Student Performance In -A Distance Education Perspective2013Download
Discussion Paper - A Proposed Supplementary Reporting2013Download
Do Macroeconomic Variables Explain Future Stock Market Movements In South Africa2013Download
Does Size Matter - An Analysis Of Derivative Use By Small South African Firms Listed2013Download
Effective Teamwork Design, Implementation And Assessment- Addressing The Need For The2013Download
Enhancing Student Understanding In An Undergraduate Accounting Course2013Download
Enhancing Student Understanding In An Undergraduate Accounting Course Through Student-Created Videos2013Download
Equity Ownership Patterns And Corporate Financing Choices- Evidence From Listed South African Firms2013Download
Exploring The Impact Of Teaching And Learning Cultures On The Performance Of Fourth Year Accountancy Students2013Download
Factors Influencing South African Small Business Value-Added Tax Registration Compliance2013Download
Gri And Sri Acronyms For Investor Success2013Download
Ifrs 7 Disclosure And Firms Beta - Evidence From2013Download
Incorporating Professional Skills Into An Undergraduate Taxation Curriculum - A Practical Approach2013Download
Independent Corporate Social Responsibility Assurance - What Is The Role Of Internal Audit2013Download
Independent Research And Deep Learning Of Accounting Concepts- Students' View2013Download
Is South African Tax Policy Creating An Enabling Environment For Small Business2013Download
Is The Ceo Of Investec Overpaid2013Download
Islamic Banking In South Africa - An Exploratory Study Of Perceptions And Bank Selection Criteria2013Download
Responsiveness Of Share Price To Sustainability Disclosure In2013Download
Signs Of Jibar Manipulation2013Download
Students Experiences Of Understanding Managerial Accounting And Financial Management In A Writing Intensive Tutorial Programme2013Download
Tax Students? Awareness Of Their Social Responsibility To Behave Ethically In Business2013Download
The Association Between The Seven Elements Of The Black Economic Empowerment Score And Market Performance2013Download
The Baltic Dry Index - A Leading Economic Indicator And Its Use In A South African Context.2013Download
The Correlation Between Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure And Beta2013Download
The Effect On Tax Compliance Of Outcome Favourability With Procedural And Distributive Fairness2013Download
The Impact Of Capital Structure On Firm Performance- Evidence From South African Mining2013Download
The Need For A Customised Risk Management Framework For Small Enterprises2013Download
The Relationship Between Economic Value Added And Future Accounting Earnings A2013Download
Unit Trust Performance In South Africa- An Empirical Investigation Of The Performance Persistence Over The Period 2001 To 2010 Mitan Nana & Gary2013Download
Unsecured Credit Growth, Profitability, Liquidity And Bad2013Download
What Basis Of Accounting Should Be Used For Companies In Financia2013Download